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Portable Toilet Rentals, Servicing & Pumping

Need a portable toilet? Whether you call them portables, porta-potties, porta-Johns, portalets, porta-loos, or something else even more creative, we are your source for portable restroom facilities in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Texas.

Porta Potty: A Peek Inside

Our portable bathroom facilities are designed to make life easier for you. When you rent a porta potty, you get the standard unit equipped with a seated toilet and urinal, as well as the following features.

  • Hand sanitizer for clean cleaning
  • In-unit soap dispenser
  • Coat hook to keep your personal items clean
  • Mirror for quick touch-ups
  • Three-roll toilet paper holder to ensure you don’t run out of toilet paper
  • Large tank capacity to accommodate a high volume of users
  • EZ Grip inside door latch to assist anyone with grip concerns
  • Double torsion door spring to close the door behind you and keep it operating smoothly
  • “Hover Handles” on the door for those who prefer not to sit 
  • Extra vents for more positive airflow
  • Construction-grade, grated floors to prevent dirt accumulation
  • White roof for maximum illumination in low light settings

We specifically chose to offer features that make portable toilets a nicer experience for your guests and make your event easier to manage by making sanitation simple. Contact us for a portable toilet quote today.


On-Site Sanitation

We want to make it simple to manage your sanitation and hygiene needs. CARDS will work with you to determine the best location for your unit, quantity of porta potties required to keep your people comfortable and reduce wait times, delivery and pick-up schedule, as well as on-going services, like emptying, cleaning, and refilling toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

Our portable toilets are used for festivals, fairs, weddings, private parties, sporting events, camp sites, trail heads, race tracks, film locations, construction sites, marathons and Iron Man events, after natural disasters for clean up, and more.